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    Bradford’s Ghost

    SILVER MEDAL WINNER- Finger Lakes International Wine and Spirits Competition Red Blend: 40% Petite Syrah, 38% Petite Verdot, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon — his wine is rich and full bodied with deep color and tannins. It has a great acidity with firm texture and mouthfeel. Aroma’s of violets, Lilac, herbs, plum and Sage abound. The wine has a light minerality that is oak aged to refine the hints of vanilla, hazelnut and mocha. Pairs well with red meats, strong cheese, root vegetables and mushrooms.
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    Sachem Red

    Petite Verdot — Used mostly as a blending grape, it is a very bold, full bodied red wine with high tannins and ethereal aromas of plum, lilac, violet and sage with a gravel-like minerality. A wine not for the faint of heart it pairs well with gamier meats such as lamb and Venison and cheeses like pecorino, smoked gouda and aged gruyere..


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