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About The Vintner

Robert Mullaney, Owner/Vintner 1620 Winery

Robert Mullaney is the co-owner (along with his wife, Raquel) of the 1620 Winery and the 1620 Wine Bar in Plymouth, Massachusetts. As the grandson of a Sicilian winemaker, Bob comes from a long line of winemakers. Though he grew up around the art, he didn’t begin making wine in earnest until his early twenties. Bob’s first winery was a modest one occupying a portion of his home. Today, Bob makes his award winning 1620 Winery wines from the fully restored 1620 Winery at the historic Cordage Park.

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Join The 1620 Winery Wine Cult

About The 1620 Wine Cult

This is more than a wine club, it’s a wine cult. A private cabal of wine lovers who share a passion for the fruit of the vine and enjoy communion with others of similar zeal. In this cult, we value wine enthusiasm over wine knowledge. Membership is open to all, novice and master alike. Our greatest commandment is Thou Shalt Enjoy Thyself and Thy Wine.

As a member of the 1620 Wine Cult you will enjoy a special status at both the 1620 Winery and the 1620 Wine Bar. With your membership comes insider access to a private reserve of exclusive wines and invitations to participate in the special rites and rituals.


More About The 1620 Winery

A One of a Kind Wedding Venue

In addition to being a fully operational winery, The 1620 Winery is a multiple award winning wedding venue where rustic marries elegance. See why Wedding Wire and The Knot have called us the best of the best.


Corporate and Private Events

Between our winery at Cordage Park and our intimate wine bar on the waterfront, we provide perfect accommodations for your private or corporate event. Whatever you have planned, make it a memorable event at The 1620 Winery.


Winery Tours and Tastings

Whether it’s our intimate “Vintner’s Experience” Tour + Tasting hosted by the winemaker himself, or a simple tasting for you and a few friends, the 1620 Winery offers a variety of memorable experiences for lovers of wine and those curious about the winemaking process. Learn more and schedule a tour.

Winery Tours & Tastings


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    Massasoit Muscat

    This Muscat wine has heady tangerine, mango, lychee, jasmine, beach rose and orange blossom notes. It's light, refreshing and slightly sweet. Pairs well with spicy Asian cuisine.
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    Meetinghouse Red

    Marquette is a hybrid grape (the cousin of Frontenac and Grandson of Pinot Noir). This locally grown grape produces a medium bodied wine with aroma of Cherries, Blackcurrants and Blackberries. It's an easy drink and pairs very well with Cheeseburgers, Sausages and Chili.
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    Beach Bubbles

    Piquette is a French terms that means "prickle"which describes the drink's slight fizz. It's maded by adding filtered water to grape pomace left over from the winemaking process. Its lower alcohol content and fruity fizz make it a perfect summer afternoon sip.
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    Apple Crumble

    This wine is made with 100% Massachusetts grown Baldwin Apples. We ferment the cider with Cinnamon sticks, whole vanilla beans and a touch of caramel extract.
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    Montepulciano- The name of this wine derives from the small town of Montepulciano in the south east area of Tuscany. This type of wine is darker in color, close to a brownish red and takes on a brackish red color as it ages. Predominant flavors are stone fruits such as cherries and red berries.
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    Red Queen

    Malbec — This American-grown Malbec is a full bodied dry red wine with plenty of acidity and tannins. With hints of ripe plum, cherry and blackberry, it pairs well with red meats, chili, stews, mushrooms, sausage and barbecue.
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    Devil’s Share

    BRONZE MEDAL WINNER- Finger Lakes International Wine and Spirits Competition Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon — A private selection Cabernet Sauvignon aged eight months in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels. This creates a bold, full-bodied and refined wine with flavors of dark cherry, blackberry and plum. The bourbon influences add notes of vanilla, caramel and spice that lead to a long smooth finish.
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    Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon — This polished wine has a dense ruby/purple color. The wine is full-bodied and rich, with outstanding depth, ripeness and purity. There is plenty of backbone and tannin for 20-25 year cellaring. The wine shows notes of chocolate, blackcurrant and blackberry.
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    Bradford’s Ghost

    SILVER MEDAL WINNER- Finger Lakes International Wine and Spirits Competition Red Blend: 40% Petite Syrah, 38% Petite Verdot, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon — his wine is rich and full bodied with deep color and tannins. It has a great acidity with firm texture and mouthfeel. Aroma’s of violets, Lilac, herbs, plum and Sage abound. The wine has a light minerality that is oak aged to refine the hints of vanilla, hazelnut and mocha. Pairs well with red meats, strong cheese, root vegetables and mushrooms.
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    Sinister Sally

    Pinot Noir — Medium bodied dry red with dominate flavors of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and blackberry with more subtle hints of earth driven flavors like mushroom, leather and warm spice. Pairs well with pork and poultry, beef, bacon, fish, lamb, wild game and even chocolate.
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    First Hiss

    BRONZE MEDAL WINNER- Finger Lakes International Wine and Spirits Competition White Blend — For this wine we blended our staple Chenin Blanc with one of the sexiest white grape varietals in the world “Viognier”(VEE-OWN-YAY). This blend ranges in taste from lighter flavors of Lemon, Tangerine, Mango and Honeysuckle to a bit creamier aromas of Vanilla and Clove.
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    Siren’s Song

    Vidal Blanc — A local cold climate grape, Vidal Blanc produces a fruity wine with notes of grapefruit and pineapple. A full-bodied white with noticeable acidity, it can be a good alternative to Chardonnay. Pairs well with scallops, crab, salmon, tuna, poultry or a sweet fruit platter.
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    Crypt’s Harvest

    Oaked Chardonnay — Our lightly oaked Chardonnay has a bit heavier mouthfeel than our unoaked version and has aromas of vanilla, butter and Crème Brulee with citrus and floral undertones that lead to vibrant flavors of nectarine and lemon cream that shine through the finish. This wine is crisp and fresh with just a touch of oak creaminess.
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    Coffee Wine

    100% Columbian Coffee Wine — This rich wine has a smoky roasted character with hints of cocoa, caramel and malt. Served as an aperitif, or after meals with coffee or chocolate flavored desserts.
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    Port Our white port is made from our sweet Pinot Grigio wine fortified with peach brandy. This crisp and fruity white port makes an excellent basis for a cocktail (such as the traditional Porto Region drink White Port and tonic water) or served chilled on its own.
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    Port — Our red Port is made with a Zinfandel wine base which is fermented and pressed with Cabernet Sauvignon raisins. The wine is then fortified with blackberry brandy distilled from our own blackberry wine. It’s a rich, heavy and sweet wine perfect as an aperitif with cheese, nuts or chocolate or after meals with dessert.
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    A dessert wine made from a blend of cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and black current. With a plump aroma and impressive berry explosion aftertaste, this wine should be sipped slowly and enjoyed with your favorite dessert.

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    Made from 100% blackberries; this full-bodied fruit wine has hearty berry flavor similar to port. A Silver Medal winner, this sweet dessert wine will remind you of blackberry preserves. This wine pairs well with fresh fruit, chocolates or over vanilla ice cream. It is also great for sipping by the fire on a cold winter’s night.

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    This unique dessert wine is one of our newest creations. It has a big musky, yet velvety feel with fruit flavors of cooked mulberries, chocolate and plums. The taste is intense, rich with jammie-berry notes. Pairs well with cuddles and chocolates by the fireplace.

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    A sweet dessert wine similar to a liquor; this wine is made from 100% raspberries. A Gold Medal winner, Raspberry Wine is an excellent addition to Champagne instead of kirsch. Try serving as an aperitif with cheese and crackers or with chocolate.

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    Our Gold Medal winner is made from 100% blueberries; this rich, semi-sweet, dessert wine taste like a sweet Merlot. The blueberry skins contain tannin, also found in red grapes which provide antioxidants and contribute to its full flavor. This wine pairs well with chocolate, cheesecake or other rich desserts.
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    A multiple medal-winner (Silver from the Tasters Guild International), our most popular fruit offering has the distinct tartness of fresh cranberries, coupled with a delicious wine taste. Made from 100% Massachusetts-grown berries. A ruby-red, semi-sweet wine for cranberry lovers; it compliments turkey, chicken or ham.
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    Beach Rosé

    Montepulciano — Our blend of Chenin Blanc and Montepulciano is a unique dry summer rosé. Light and balanced enough to refresh in the heat of summer, but with enough body to enjoy with a hearty pizza or a variety of creamy cheeses. This citrusy medium palate wine is sure to please.
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    Catawba — Made from Catawba grapes from the Finger Lakes region; this rosé was created to celebrate and commemorate the Pilgrims’ voyage to this land 400 years ago. Catawba grape is a native cold climate grape with notes of melon, sweet cherry, strawberry and pink grapefruit. This semi-sweet blush goes great with brunch or stands alone for casual sipping. Pairs well with pepperoni pizza!
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