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    Port — Our red Port is made with a Zinfandel wine base which is fermented and pressed with Cabernet Sauvignon raisins. The wine is then fortified with blackberry brandy distilled from our own blackberry wine. It’s a rich, heavy and sweet wine perfect as an aperitif with cheese, nuts or chocolate or after meals with dessert.
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    Port Our white port is made from our sweet Pinot Grigio wine fortified with peach brandy. This crisp and fruity white port makes an excellent basis for a cocktail (such as the traditional Porto Region drink White Port and tonic water) or served chilled on its own.
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    Coffee Wine

    100% Columbian Coffee Wine — This rich wine has a smoky roasted character with hints of cocoa, caramel and malt. Served as an aperitif, or after meals with coffee or chocolate flavored desserts.
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    Beach Bubbles

    Piquette is a French terms that means "prickle"which describes the drink's slight fizz. It's maded by adding filtered water to grape pomace left over from the winemaking process. Its lower alcohol content and fruity fizz make it a perfect summer afternoon sip.


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